23 July, 2010

shwop it..shwop it good!!

i am so damn GUTTED!!!!  last year i went along and shwopped my heart out and omg did i win!!!  the big shwop has to be the BEST way to walk away with a new wardrobe ever.  we managed to scoop faux furs, leather jackets, skirts, tops, dresses and we werent even trying!!  'are you for real?' (i hear ya screaming) yeah....its actually true.  while i wasn't sure really what the whole thing was about last year... we sadly took just a 'few' clothing items along not really wanting to loose the lot without scoring big time.  but score we did and now to my HORROR the next Wellies big shwop is on a sunday (!!!!!!) and i have to WORK!!!?!?!?  i cant figure out if its worth taking a full day off and loosing the wages (ha i only work one day a week but its worth it lol) just to go on a swapping frenzy for about an hour......work (???) or new wardrobe (???).  while i contemplate and fight my inner demons - anyone who reads this should DEF go along and check it out.  be prepared for a stampede when the doors open (im not joking), pushing and shoving (seriously you need a body guard), and a few evil looks - well a lot actually.  the big shwop takes your items of 'worth' (note rubbish and house of G tops will prob not cut it) and you are given a 'ticket' for every piece they accept.  a few hours later (once you get to go latte yourself and get all giddy with excitement) the doors open. everything is hung on racks and the racks are roughly labelled, by jackets, pants, suits, dresses, skirts blah blah.  from memory though nothing is split into sizes so you have to op shop your way round that baby in lightening speed.  


1.make a list of what you want to  get out of it in order and hit it from the top - just fly to the first rack with coats etc if that is what you want. move around in order like that so you dont get hung up on racks side tracked looking at say SUITS when you do..not..need..a...suit - duh.

2. know in advance how items 'look' that are your size - you are gonna have to spot this all just by viewing it on the hanger.  i hung onto anything i 'might' like and collected a whole bunch.  after the big try on i then got rid of what sucked, what looked like shit, and what was the least liked etc from my HUGE pile of maybe's..ha ha!

3. go with a mate who can watch your clothes for you when you go back to the change rooms for another round.  it also helps if you are both on the look out for the same things the OTHER person wants i found lots of things as suggestions for my buddy. you will also find that what looks terrible on you might just be amazing on your friend! tag teams are back again!

4. dont bother going in groups (you just loose each other in the madness - meet later) and wear easy to rip off clothing cause you sure arent gonna waste time stuck in the huge communal change room..you are going to want to be ploughing through the racks!!

5.  if by chance you ended up with say 20 tickets (which means you get to walk out with 20 NEW items) but cant seem to spend your quota - well look for something for someone you know?  it seemed worth taking the full quota out of there because anything that could be then given to someone else would make a pruuuudy nice gift idea x

yeah thats all from me, i might go cry or rip my hair out about my little dilemma...!!

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