31 March, 2011

rain rain

well it was meant to rain today (quickly touches wood) and so it got me back wanting hard on a rain coat that is cool, and doesn't cost the end of the earth?  nor do i want it to look like something your nana wore.  ive lusted over the pvc clear cape before and now im headed towards a clear pvc raincoat - preferably with a hood and all.  clear in my view is cooler because its still all about what you are wearing underneath it?  you dont have to worry what colour to go with - and a good cut is actually really sharp and sophisticated. so  where to find in little NZ then huh......someone help me out!

30 March, 2011

currently coveting

this is pretty much all i'm looking for these days.  i spend a fair amount of time looking around op shops for anything that fits the bill.  all i want is a wardrobe of patterned, striped, printed KNEE length skirts in various fits ie: full skirted and pencil. autumn is perfect for these and the longer length keeps you warmer and means tights will be the next easy peasy addition.

then put that skirt with a blazer or jacket. anything taylored will do!  im favouring navy and blues at the moment, or greys and tweeds because they go with everything.  im also scouring away looking for anything bright maybe red or fushia or maybe even burgundy - whos got one for me!!!??

and then there are the shoes, i'm watching for anything with a light coloured platform and darker leather upper, be it bootie style or thick strappy sandal.  im also keeping my peepers peeled for anything suede preferably in purple but navy would do too!! these must MUST must be paired with some socks - black if you don't want to scare the neighbours but a stripe or print would be the ultimate...mwah love it!

...if anyone finds anything like this in their travels, point it my way!

curvy is not fat!!! - read the words people!

we now live in a world where everything is so damn PC that people are slaughtered the minute they have an opinion - on nearly everything.  how to best describe fashion, figures, sizes and people shapes is now something nearly impossible.  how can a style icon, who oozes charm and sophistication, come to be slandered for a REAL observation of the fashion/blogging world we now live in?? what hope is there for the rest of us to even 'go there'  if even he gets a backlash for it?  

the satorialist who we love, and will continue to love, was backlashed by hundreds the other day for posting these two images of the same (but new blogger) girl, and referred to her as bigger and curvier than most fashion bloggers already out there.  i am sorry people, but read his WORDS - this is absolutely true!  and i might add he delivered the observation in an honest, real and sensitive way by going on to say how well dressed she was - and praised her balance with her proportions.  bigger does not mean FAT and curvier does not relate to a weight - simply a body SHAPE.  i myself am a curvy girl, i'm not fat but yes baby i have a booty and some boobs!  hell what is the world coming too? some people need to get over their own body type insecurities and get a hobby.

read more here for the post itself: the satorialist

when i grow up i want to be..

iris apfel reminds me of my grandmother who was a petite lady who wore 'big' jewellery,  owned a magnificent personality and a huge heart - she is still my idol to this day!  the only difference, iris, tends to have a more outgoing dress sense...and wears glasses lol.

"Today I fell in love with an icon of utter inspiration.  
I've found a muse for courageous design, witty and exuberantly idiosyncratic personal style.  
She's the Rare Bird of Fashion, ... a women who shows that in order to express true style with remarkable panache, we should never be scared to dare, be ashamed to live, to express and combine what our "gut" tells us is right

 ...  for life is short and style is eternal" - Living in Modern Fashion

if you are wanting some iris inspired styling - this is how to wear it!

images via google / glamourai

for the fun of it

i can see myself dragging my sock obsession way past autumn and right the way through winter!  even if it means i get wet toes! these little pic's gave me a smile today,  i really wish people would start having more fun with what they wear - who cares if it isn't your cup of tea at least it's quirky and interesting??  images courtesy lime crime lippies (not sure i could rock the green to be honest??) but i'm mainly staring at these socks ....ohhhhhh

23 March, 2011

uni sex me

the last couple of days have been pretty darn cold for wellies in MARCH...and while i cry because i'm really not ready to let go of summer, i did turn to looking for the ultimate in winter wares.  these jackets are for him, but they are the type that should also be worn by a her..!!!  what would you even call them ??  a sweater blazer?  ugh too amazing!!  buy one for your boy and then pinch it all winter.  pair it with knee length 50's inspired skirts full or straight, heavy tights/ socks and killer clunky platforms.  omg i am so in love with the third and last jacket.....something about grey or navy which is doing it for me.

images via satorialist

hot short autumn shorts

helllll yeah how cute are these little babies?  i see them layered with tights and cozy knits, biker boots galore! 

images via oracle fox

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most beautiful and amazing screen sirens of our time.  A true fashion icon. Just look at those brows and weep!

22 March, 2011

once in rome

could this setting be ANY more gorgeous!????  simply stunning.  sublime photography gives me so many ideas it's hard to contain them.  trip to rome anyone????  dolce & gabbana via fgr. 

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