15 October, 2010

year of the dragon

loving the new twist on the ear decor....how cool would these be with summer frocks - totally bad ass!

bang bang

its bullet girl found HERE  for girls that love their bling bling.  such aceness or hotness or both!!

new york state of mind

nothing in me wants to particularly rant about this editorial it doesn't need it.  it just strikes a chord.  i must have a real THANG for wanting to get to NY it would be top of my list of fav destinations.  these just look so serene and beautifully whimsical - a contradiction from what you would normally think from a city that never sleeps....sigh......take me there!

New York State of Mind photographed by Laurie Bartley for September Elle

my kinda granny panty

just when the creative urge is really lacking something like this pops up online and i run like mad for my sharpies.  if anyone ever thought sharpies were dumb think again.  this lovely lass hand draws on vintage undies, corsets and slips and SHIZZLE the results are amazing?? never has the granny panty looked so damn original and kewl!!!  am i the only one totally in love with this?  the knickers are just too fine to be worn under something - and i cant stop thinking of the possibilities when armed with my 40 odd collection of pens, the goodness that could be made.  right now im suddenly on the hunt for a suitable bra-let that i can let leash on in this vein...ill be hoping for a slightly more gangster image but still with some beautiful detailing.  oh yeah she makes these crazy old skool pocket bikini's - so clever <3

  check out all the glories on http://www.etsy.com/shop/SlipperySlopeBloomer

las·civ·i·ous (luh-siv-ee-uhs)



Given to or expressing lust; lecherous.
Exciting sexual desires; salacious.

It's not too often I get all excited over underwear - and by excited im not talking about anything too kinky - just general interest I guess?  mainly because not a lot of it interests me. i can't stand anything overly graphic or flouro or patterned or frilly or technicolour or cliche or trashy or too 18 yr old....basically im really fussy with what goes on under my clothes.  nor do i also think it always has to be ridiculously expensive (unless its a specialist item) and yes it needs to be able to go through my machine (sorry but i just aint made for hand washing underwear!)  then i came across Lascivious and nearly died.  Its naughty but nice and while some pieces do get a bit va vooom (screamin sexy times), their pieces are done with such sophistication with sleek modern designs they just screams uber CHIC!!!???  There is no scanky to be had just bond girl galore! still its not for the faint hearted girl, most come  complete with exposed zips, cut outs, exposed cups, and aahhemm well check the rest for yourself - for me though its all totally acceptable and so far from the crotchless k-nicker look(but still as saucy) its not funny??  Hands up you got my attention already!!  (ps this is all just from the classics collection - cause im a classic kinda girl).

13 October, 2010


you know something is working for you when one look and a smile hits your dial huh!!  while i frantically plan my exhibition im looking for anyway to get side tracked and this did it.  ill  hug my mug of honey lemon, ginger and dream of walking down the street in the sunshine in any one of these.  just where to get that hair (i want!) this is mixology with prints at its most amazing!  sometimes fashion is such a constricting word.  sometimes we are way too serious.

check out emma bell http://www.emma-bell.com her site is worth a serious visit x

07 October, 2010

you got it - i want it

not often i pinch an entire post from someone else...but these (boo hoo) are all on my (constantly lookin for) wish list at the moment. the HAT, the BRA and the SHORTS especially.  thx nightcat you got it...
courtesy nightcat

l u c e t t e

how shit hot are the maxi's all coming from lucette??  i have been maxing after a few maxi's for a while now and these are all so good i dont think id be able to decide on just one.  so cucumber cool in t.shirting but i also love the rest of the futuristic cutouts and all their detailing.  they are worth checking out love love love.

urgently need more festivals..

i have day dreamy visions of nz having way more festivals that 1. i was interested in and 2. attracted more style queens that I could people watch :)  This raincoat / poncho aint for the faint hearted but how choice..YES CHOICE would this look at one...with gummies??  who said you had to look like the homeless (or kate moss) to be rockin out in the rain?  I will def by diy'ing this one in time for new year - I think if our cabin by the sea side with crazy campers outside, turns wet, i'll be sweet as running around in this baby!

courtesy pare and a spare

rock your fro like there's no tomorrow!

fierce styling makes me wanna don a jackson fro right now.  courtesy fgr.
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