21 July, 2010

i got me some KICKS

i love LOOKING at the multiple rainbow, striped, paint splashed, tagged, flouro kicks out there..and really do admire secretly any skater girls (or non skaters) that rock around town in a pair...BUT i am occasionally a bit classic and wanted my kicks either black or white!!  black full leather would have been ideal BUT instead of forking out $200 i went with a canvas version (for now!!) that my significant other said i should STUD.  omg...why did i NOT THINK OF THAT MYSELF!!  yeah...i bet these cheapies will fall apart long before im finished with them and i'll be crying at how to get another budget version THIS cool again.  until the finished and improved version are done, these images got a tick from me...the last shot is included because as mentioned i like LOOKING at the purdy colours....sigh :-)
pics via google images

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