09 June, 2011

pretty prints please

oohhh i'm pretty much in love with this whole collection...look at those prints!!  I'm in total lust of the pants and have my eyes officially peeled for anything in floral or red.......

erdem resort via vogue.com


Penelope and Coco : The Collectibles from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

courtesy: http://vimeo.com/penelopeandcoco/thecollectibles

02 June, 2011

doing my homework

who would have thought....electrolux (yes that's right) has a huge sustainability focus??

"Electrolux is unveiling five vacuum cleaners made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans. This marks the next phase of the Vac from the Sea initiative, launched by Electrolux earlier this year, with the aim of raising awareness about ocean plastic waste and inspiring consumers and industry to increase recycling efforts."

they kinda remind me of those shell filled plastic toilet seats, but at least you don't have to sit on these - big ups to a great effort i say clap clap clap!!!

sustainably couture

stumbled across these originally via outsapop, and first fell in love with the macrame.....and then i had a closer read and noticed the cotton is sourced from leftovers from the textile industry.  not only cool but amazing recycling right there!   Doesn't hurt to have some stunning photography thrown into the mix either does it?


23 May, 2011

style diva

tomorrow night i'm finally getting to see 'breakfast at tiffany's"...how embarrassing to admit i've never seen it.  of course we are dressing up, of course i have no idea what to wear...but just look at audrey isn't she a stunner! sigh...

19 May, 2011

somethin fishy

heh heh heh i can't help but have a little laugh at this collection of amazing underwater creatures, which are in fact handbags.  yes bags.  we're talking clutches, back packs, FANNY packs and even iphone cases.  it amazes me the creativity people have and what they can come up with.  personally the squid bag, or fish clutch are probably my favourite.  i found it especially interesting to hear the designs were developed using a new 3D pattern making technique.  funnily enough i'm hearing about this same technique in little old wellingtown in the great nz...

images all via larissa hadjio

american girls in paris in the 60's

wooaaahhhh it's not every day i see an international collection and am completely floored by how good it looks.  sometimes i dont bother even looking at a lot of them - talk about fashion overload!!  chris benz ss11 is an exception.  one glance (at one divine aquatic floral print wedge, see image 1) and i was searching as quick as possible for the rest of the collection.  i'm gob smacked. stunned.  stuck for words even.  all i can say is i love it all. wide leg pants, fantastic prints, tan, teal, yellow, orange, cute knits, killer shoes, basically everything i wish i could own right now.  did i mention killer shoes??? check out my personal fav in the first pic...they only retail for about $1000.00NZD (gape!!)

note:  he was inspired by 'american girls in paris in the 60's' ..oh how i want to be one of them!!

images via google

16 May, 2011

sea cord

these have already been featured, but this new lot are even more amazing.  still in love with a bit of flouro and hardware. these are on my diy must do list...

found here 

05 May, 2011

pool party anyone?

a few days ago i was daydreaming of 70's disco style pool parties.  probably because we are about to hit winter and i'm in denial.  the type of party that oozes class, great hair, pops of colour and great accessories.  this editorial cements it for me and id be happy in any of these....so who's got the indoor pool.....? 

marie claire turkey via fgr
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