30 May, 2010

death becomes her

wow i stumbled across this young graduate in brighton.  a-mazing.  love everything about this newbie pity he's not closer to home.

29 May, 2010

breakfast at tiffany's

audrey hepburn's little black dress has been voted the greatest female screen outfit of all time.  TOUCHE

givenchy 1961

26 May, 2010

bucking the trends

i stumbled across this quite by accident and then was completely amazed and ...then slightly amused! PEOW!!  this designer rocks with these antler coat hangers..perfect for your average hunter who likes to road bike maybe...?  i'm also completely digging the real handle bars...wowie they are hand carved from real wood.

then i cruised through the rest of his stuff (ha ha get it??) and realised this guy is trying to bring smoking back lol. there is the pocket lighter which lights when you open the 'pouch' and gives you protection from that gale force wind we love here in Wellies.  aahh BRILLIANT. i do however find it a bit ...ugly. shhhhh

then he decided to re-create the posh-ness of post war for smokers with POSH smokers spots.
...i wonder if he made them 'barf' proof..us kiwi's tend to litter regular smoking spots during every hard weekend..ok so that's every single weekend. lol enjoy.

artists for change

how cool are these haiti illustrations by kelsey montague! all are for sale through gvn with split proceeds going to the artist and to the cause. i can't wait to see the site go further with more feature artists and artworks.

'The GVN Foundation's vision is to support the work of charitable organizations around the world that assist children, women and the environment. Currently our focus is children. We are working in countries around the world to end child poverty. Join us as we raise money to help children around the world break free from poverty'


Kelsey Montague

blog: kelseymontague.blogspot.com

25 May, 2010

lizard legs

the technique is called cutwork embroidery....a diy'able thing to do if you take a snakeskin stencil, a machine that will zig zag and a pair of ...jeans.  but it's a little too 'lizard like' for my legs but hey full tute here for someone who is IN LUV with the look (??) i'm not sold.

gurl meets boy

ahh LOVE.  these pics just make me drool.  girl meets boy, ultimate mix of bowie/joan that i adore.  everything about these scream rock star.....and those that know me will notice i'm also lusting over the moooo-llets as well....

Raquel Zimmermann by David Sims |Vogue Paris June/July 2010 photo via Fashion Gone Rogue 

its not a looser cruiser

i want a bike and i want a cool one.  none of those 12 speed uglies thank you.  i am not so keen on getting wet on it but mainly don't want to have to wear a helmet (that poses a wee problem in NZ because i also don't want any tickets from any mr Poo-licemen).  so that means i basically have to live in another country.  

you too could look this cool, if you live 'elsewhere'.  check it - these guys are bringing biking back.


miu miu diy

aahhh i am so obsessed with miu miu prints. a clever take on the diy print (which once applied by say a sharpie..it cannot be removed? eek??) is a diy'able BROOCH which has the ability to be attached to well anything??

diy swallows have done their dash on everything from pantyhose to collars but me personally will be attempting some brooches in the FIGURE form. the cats are cool but a lil too prissy for me..


the queen of mixology The Glamourai check it..

courtesy The Glamourai

Herewith, some guidelines. Not rules, just suggestions worth a try. And as soon you can remember them all, they can be forgotten.

1. Vary the scale. Mix a small neat print with a splashier one. Or an eye-popper with one that’s more neutral.

2. Stay within the same color family.

3. Mix up the fabrics, the weights — a rough-textured fabric with a more refined one. Somehow a nubby, slubby fabric pairs up more naturally with a flat weave than do two smooth-textured fabrics.

4. Toss in some polka dots, stripes or even leopard prints, which are easier to mix with other patterns because they’re simple and graphic. And they’re familiar to the eye.

5. Consider the accessories. Though it’s fun to tote a print bag with a print frock, you can tone down the brights with a great tan leather bag or pair of sandals. Straw works, too.

courtesy NY Times

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