25 September, 2010

bad ass fairies

Oh wow,  dont these ladies look like some bad ass'd fairies who have raided a box of frida kahlo mexican loveliness???  i really  really really want to be part of this dress up party.  this is the work of meaham kirchhoff spring 2011 - and since we are now hitting spring (kinda) we should be channelling a little bit of this into our days.  i'm really loving the fresh take on colour clashing and bold prints/patterns and super socks.  while a toned down version is probably more the key for real world wearability...i think id stand and salute someone walking down the street dressed like this!  Its a little bit fairy punk -  I can watch and weep can't I??  


courtesy vogue.com

23 September, 2010

happy birthday - we love you

our birthday party celebrations went over and above expectations....words can't really explain just how much fun was had!  THIS song takes me straight back there to an afternoon of wonderfulness, wow I love our lovely friends xxx

summer 70's vixens r us

i can't get off the 70's wagon and this just seals it all for me.  i want to rock these kaftans, flairs, jumpsuits and flowing frocks all summer long baby and don't even get me started on that hair and makeup! this is fashion at it's insanely best.  simply. to.die.for.  i might make up a New Year dress code for the ladies....this i think will be it. thanks topshop unique you just made my week now how do I get me some...

22 September, 2010

hey baby doll

american vogue just went up a notch in my book.  Lil bit 70's and a splash of 20's and go crazy on the doll face make up.  Super duper!! 
via glamourai

16 September, 2010

fall into my santa sack bikini...

with xmas and NY all locked and loaded, now i'm just left daydreaming about fine wine, beaches, sun, sand, and bloody good company :)  my wanderings came to a sharp halt though when i realised i really need one of these delivered to me by xmas to really REALLY make like a princess in a lounger by the sea side...anyone short of ideas of what to buy me for chrissy - seriously any one of these will totally do!

via google images

print me print meeee

im slowly getting into prints and feeling like i finally can own them myself.  i think in the past ive felt overwhelmed by them - maybe hitting another year wiser means i finally dont give a damn.  the Starfish team have a beeeaaautiful print that is going down the cat walk at fashion week next week, and i cant believe it but im lusting over their fully printed GREEN pants (sounds insane huh?) till then this NY based label called Snoozer Loser is floating my boat.  Snoozer Loser all the way I say!
images courtesy Snoozer Loser NY

i could turn stalker on you..

if i could have just one style icon, i really think kelly would be it. she is the creme de la creme in my little fashion world.  not only is she super cute - but she is just so extraordinarily POLISHED in absolutely everything she does. for me, it's all about finding inspiration and ideas to express yourself your own way and following someone like the Glamourai does that... and then some.  the perfect matching / clashing / layering / reworking / vintage / designer / styling in every sense - basically bang on without fault every.single.damn.time :)  this is a sneak peak at her 'wardrobe' (are you kidding me???) if my wardrobe looked even half as good as this i think id happily sit at home every night just looking at it??  not only is it so organised (yep summer goes in and winter stuff gets packed away), its full to the brim of killer shoes, bags, coats, tops, skirts, dresses, pants.  Yep this is pure hotness right here people.

courtesy the Glamourai

transport me now please

this has me seriously yearning for some mustard like yellows....oohhhh nom nom.

courtesy nasty girl
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