25 July, 2010

frances rose is AWESOME

Yay i had a little email from a lovely jewellery designer in Melbourne showing off some of her work.  frances rose is - quite simply AWESOME! designer Amy Gopperth (who just happens to share my amazing name) has just released a collection called digging for gold and it is worth checking out!  below are some pics she sent through herself but ive since been through to her WEBSITE and have fallen in love with the bracelet and pretty much all the charms as well!!  the mix of both sterling AND oxidised silver totally rocks my world and the unisex flavour of everything has a huge tick from me.  she is the girl to check out for all your dagger, pistol, horse shoe, pick axes and gold bar needs - with a selection of pendants that id happily wear every day!  i think im off to buy a lotto ticket this week, so if i win i can commission some 'dagger' and 'x marks the spot' earrings (ooohhh how cool would they look) and perhaps a dagger ring (??) and of course the bracelet and few a pendants too boot.  sheesh thats a wish list and a half huh!!

oh yeah this range also man friendly, unisex everything, plus tie pins and cuff links so go get something for that special man in your world!
pitol cuff-links / x marks the spot necklace / dagger tie pin/ pick-axe necklace / gold bullion tie-pin
available at frances rose is 

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