28 February, 2011

\\\ asymmetric ///

tops and t- shirts have been around for ages with asymmetric hems which are pretty much a staple wardrobe item these days.  the kind im really liking right now are in dress/skirt form, heavy cropping at the front with train like rear that can billow behind you as you strut round town.  for me the dress/skirt versions are either best to the ground with a heavy slit or kept midi length for day wear-ability.  all need to be either sheer material or something with incredible drape.  shirts are also the new t.shirt for me - naturally i really want this cape style shirt immediately ....sigh....they are also pretty easy to diy if your the sewing type.

images via goole / pair and a spare / kingdom of style / kowtow / the man repeller / the glamourai / fashiontoast

aint just a plastic bag

i  can't seem to get plastic bags out of my head...and not your supermarket kind.  so in lust right now with pretty much any plastic clutch that are all over the internet at the moment.  personally i couldn't really rock a plastic handbag (i carry around way too much rubbish - and don't really want the world to see!) but i am definitely on the look out for a plastic purse and something to diy a plastic box clutch similar to Fendi.  ideas or a plastic envelope clutch are very do-able and <3 the plastic shopper bag....ooooooohhh!!

images via google
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