26 July, 2010

one for me and one for...me

so friendship bracelets are back with a bang, they are everywhere but they have come a long way since the smelly worn scabby things we made in primary school and handed out to everyone. my preference are for the 'obviously' more complicated versions, they include stripes / checkers / and african inspired design motifs.  

i'm also partial to the 'grown up' designer version which is sterling silver AND thread, it has a silver toggle so you aren't stuck wearing the thing permanently.  oh la la you can pick your own colour combos as well... image below and found here:

one up on the diy thread only version are beaded cuff bracelets - all following similar pattern aesthetics but using beads on either wire or thread, which is in turn wrapped around rings or cuff bases.  beauty of these you aren't messing around with a knot to join it, so its removable.  i quite like the version that is mounted on leather with the stud closure...nice!

there is of course the good ole safety pin and hat elastic bead bracelets which were once the rage, then quite daggy and  i think with the right colour combinations  these can once again be resurrected.

its pretty yuck here in wellies today so i think we are about to tackle one of these tutorials to put some colour into winter.  remember friendship bracelets were originally made to be given to FRIENDS, but since this doesnt happen anymore to anyone over the age of probably 10 - we should instead embrace our inner multiple personalities and give them to ourselves!

v pattern friendship tutorial here 
if you are crazy and have HOURS of spare time - alphabet tutorial here
basic stripe tutorial here
better yet and the ones im gonna try use a braiding loom, creating a TUBE (kinda like old finger knitting days) free patterns and tutorial here !!

images sourced from above links, or google images :-D

Happy braiding!

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