30 April, 2011

plastic fantastic

hmmm i think my love of clear plastic is well and truly established.  its locked in and going strong in fact. i've always had a thing for jewellery, watches, ornaments, bags, helllllll even rain coats...in clear plastic?  call me weird!?  colour is ok but for some reason the glint and transparency of clear floats more boats for me.  must be because clear creates the illusion of not always there it can sometimes be invisible...you still see through the item to whats inside / behind.  like glass - only way better because its durable?  these sunnies  would easily become my fav's if i actually owned a pair.
via theglamourai

dreamy dreamy

With wellies getting into winter pretty quickly now, i'm struggling with the fact that the cold is pretty much here for the rest of the year. i'm not moaning (much) but i KNOW i'm a summer lovin kinda gurl through and through when i'm already day dreaming of rooftop (wishful) dinner parties and intimate soiree's.  for some reason in summer i don't mind being 'in' crowded bars, restaurants, establishments raa raaa raaaa, but winter hits and suddenly i'm all for house parties and smaller numbers.  this is where the free dreams of a rooftop posse come in.  they satisfy the summery warmness thats needed for outdoor dining (which i miss) and the need for cool friends in close spaces.  it wouldn't hurt too if said rooftop was in either 1. an amazing city so the night lights would be oh so fairytale, or 2. anywhere tropical.  there are thousands of amazing hotel and restaurant rooftop dining establishments on the web, but my ultimate dream is something very small, for about 10 people, furnished with lots of pillows, small bbq, cute plants and greenery with awesome mood lighting.  never hurts to dream right?? i think i need to move countries...

 images via google / we<3it

19 April, 2011

cross for my heart

Alice Point designed this cross t and sweat shirt.  Originally found via cocorosa - but i want one for winter and would def NOT be wearing this with shorts!   Check out her blog here or follow her on fb she is one trendy babe.

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