13 July, 2010

absence of water

empty swimming pools have been playing on my mind for a while now.  id seen a couple in editorial shoots and various look books and i cant get them out of my head.  something about the desertion and empty ruinous void is really floating my boat.  naturally the older indoor marble pools are simply spectacular in design and aesthetics (water or not!) but im equally drawn to even the smaller outdoor overgrown ones that seem to have dropped out of the heavens long ago.  im half captivated by the structures and their concrete corpses but at the same time filled with a swelling sadness.  how many people had once had so much fun in such a place only for it to one day become a near extinct pastime?  do people not swim anymore? are we too busy for such a basic activity? or too cool? are they too expensive for the average man and therefore now starting to become an endangered species?  

images courtesy BLDGBLOG / google images / vanishing cat skills 

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