22 July, 2010

sexy, yet polite.

this is THE BEST MAG i have picked up in a loooooonnnng time and i shit you not!  master mouse patrol (damn even the title gets me) you can get it via the web or hard copy (i got mine at World) get one....you are gonna laugh your damn pants off!  anything that comes out of bambi's face (f*k you are my hero!!) and all the 'you should be into this' articles are naturally my personal fav's....BUT on a whole this mag just rocks my mini universe!   so refreshing and actually full of readable INTERESTING articles.  if you haven't seen this then do.   i'm not even gonna say anything more...just please check it out.  you won't look back.  sexy, yet polite.  ABOOM!

im so die hard i think i want a t shirt....no i def do.

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