29 November, 2010

romance was born oh yes it was!

wow i really did tear up a lil when i saw this collection - based around Chinese laundries, Japanese gardens, bowls of fruit - oh me oh my!!  Romance Was Born has created a cacophany of bright colours, sequins and pattern-on-pattern.  if i had to choose, my personal favs have to be the opium gown, opium blouse, shirt dress, everything in the orchid and basket prints (lol), peplum dress, lantern print jean and opera skirt.  oh yeah chuck in a sequin night shirt too.....not too big a list yeah?? i think i'm strangely into those crazy shoes too - or is that taking things a bit too far!?

courtesy always sometimes anytime

owlita = aboom

came across these beauties the other day....omg....how much do i want!!???  feathered earrings which are sooooo much cooler than the ear cuff versions floating around.  the best deal with these babies is they obviously can be as OUT THERE as  you want with the colour combos / feather choice, but they can also then be styled so many friggen ways its not funny!  one clever pair would see you right though boho festival days and then into raging dance sessions on one of 'those' nights, and can even be added to that vampy lbd!  how you wear them is how to get the best of your owlita's - they really are just so super dooper - i wonder if they ship to NZ with santa.....

17 November, 2010

high priestess be trippin

oohhhhh miu miu print you are so OUT!!  these scream DIY to me.  how awesome is the little cross print???  i think the black print in a full tit CLERICAL collar (complete with white insert) would be the one to rock with the long sheer flirty skirts at the moment...or maybe i'm just one sick little minx?

thanks http://2bitchezdeep.blogspot.com/ for this bit of goodness

silly season inspiration

tis the season to get bloody jolly.....faaalalalalaaaaa la la la la....seems everyone is down in the dumpsters...faaaalaalaalala la la la la.  

so im off to go buy me a choppy blond wig (or slash some bangs into one) and some fakey lashes for plastering all over my face.  im gonna channel some 60's mod china doll loveliness until 2011 finally hits (thank god!) and till then hopefully no one will recognise me slinking up and down cuba st...yeah?

babein bambi

shizzle this hot babe can sell anything.  bambi, damn you got me green with some serious brow envy ......

courtesy nightcat
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