25 August, 2010

cup of cake to eat with your skull spoon

ive seen plenty of self saucing, all in one, bake in a jiffy - chocolate mud cake/puds but this one has special appeal.  its in a mug, takes a few mins in a microwave, and because its single serve you get to hog the lot yourself.....or ...you could share.

you need:
4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons choc chips (optional)
splash vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug microwave safe

do it:  add dry ingredients to mug, mix well.  add egg, mix well. add milk and oil, mix. add choc chips and vanilla, stir.  microwave for 3mins at 1000 watts.  it rises over the top of the mug, but thats OK!!  cool, and tip out onto a plate.  add cream or icecream or custard or fruit or SOMETHING (???) and pig out and enjoy.

such a basic little recipe i see plenty of room for variations!!   

put some love into your tea

these are recycled from vintage 'silver' spoons ...and one glance is making me think these make lousy spoons (well they could stir a cuppa i guess??) but still what cool idea!!!  im thinking they'd make awesome pendants or small ones could easily be earrings.  the ultimate gift for someone who has everything yes? 

via outsapop.com


if all other shoe brands ceased to exist ....i would be happy with jc for the rest of my life.  these beauties have been bringing a wee tear of joy for a while now...santa listen out!! 

its mating nuts and bolts

wow part of me is like these are O FOR AWESOME....part of me wonders if i could actually do it without laughing my head off constantly(!!). am i (??) half of a hard enough "diy couple" - that could manage (stop it!!) matching (teehehe!!!) his and her rings that bolt together.  i dont know if even we are that gag worthy couply??  what do you reckon babe, could they come with some embedded lapis lazuli i wonder...

they are believe it or not, wedding bands found here - i can just hear it now 'hey babe will you screw me'... 

gimme some cacti anyday

yeah yeah yeah i love our country waaa waaaa (hey i really do) but give me some cacti anyday please??? just too bloody cool for school....shitzzle they make for some amazing photography shoots huh?? she's not too bad to look at either.

images via studded hearts 

how messed up can we get

what can i say.  our buddy felix is one of our staples.  he's right there when when we are in different countries and feel the urge to 'connect' (lol), still standing strong when we need a midday boogie in the lounge, playing hard when we break out an impromptu sunglasses party, sometimes sifting in person at our favourite bars, dj'ing away while i drink myself senseless, there to crackbook stalk..well... whenever (??) and an all round gc!!  one flick of the itunes and he's made me forget tonight i just lost all my cruddy notes and have to start again, basically he always is  guaranteed to put a smile on our dials....i suggest you do as we did and go pillage all his playlists....he will keep you going strong for hours xx

ps catch the man live Saturdays 4-7 89fm

pps oh yeah he's also learning some photoshop......bless!! ;-)


sic (!!)...enough said.

courtesy pepper and chips

19 August, 2010

breakfast is sorted

now i just need a funky NY loft style apartment with balcony to go with my spunky grill that attaches to the railing (yeah right)...omg too cute.  sausie anyone?

18 August, 2010

no butt's now

can't believe its heading towards 2011 and this has only just happened.  apparently the average female tries on about 10 pairs of jeans to try and get that perfect butt fit.  im not your average girl and dont have this sort of patience but i see totally where they are heading and how this will fix some basic problems for most gals....pants being the hardest HARDEST thing to fit ever because well put simply every butt is different.

my heart is yearning, this babe is burning

one look and it brought a tear to my eye.  god this babe is smokin and summer cant come fast enough.

via knightcat

slick or sick

Well i debated about this one myself quite a bit -  you probably either love it or absolutely hate it.  but im not so sure it has to be either.  this editorial is everywhere with huge debate as to its appropriateness   it's been deemed wasteful and hypocritical, with thousands of dollars of luxury clothing being flown in, and promptly ruined for a SHOOT.

So is this a glamorisation of a very recent ecological and social disaster just for the sake of FASHION?? in turn reducing the tragic event to just attention-grabbing money making news stand material? or is it simply fashion having its say and protesting against that world we live in?

i dunno. i kinda sway towards an art stance and have been reading up on artists who similarly protest the oil spills by also smearing models also in oil.  so how far off is an editorial from this? well in my view not that far at all!!!  an editorial to me IS a form of art and those editorials or artworks that can communicate a message to you (regardless of taste) are speaking out their right to do just that.  so as far as art is concerned any publicity is considered good publicity.

yes i see the waste and  yes it evokes heartfelt emotions to me rather than just promoting consumerism. its fashion that calls for a dialogue and its designed to get people talking.  i guess by just googling 'vogue italia oil and water' shows you if that was the mission then it's probably been accomplished.  

have a look and decide for yourself!

16 August, 2010

thunderbirds are go

nicely bringing a bit of thunderbirds into 2010...so super dooper! 

photos courtesy http://thefashionisto.com/

words get in the way

proenza schoulder resort 2011

for the digi fashionista's

strictly for hawt gurls who (like me) dont really like camera bags (eeewwwwww). i've been known to shove my camera into a handbag wrapped in a scarf (def NOT recommended!!) but this solves every digi fashionista's dilemma.  designed around a Nikon D90 but i'm sure this diy could be adapted for whatever DSLR you tend to lug around....

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