30 July, 2010

party pills are back

wow this so so simple design is pure genius! who would have thought one theme - the family pill (idea is that a pill now fixes everything NOT) and slap it on a silk scarf!  the large capsule pill is particularly effective because of how you then WEAR it....the colours come together to be something not as obvious but an amazing print!  i roolly roolly want one...

first pics of the scarf out flat and the actual pill design, the following are once worn!  i'll have mine in orange thanks.

no camel toes here!

still on the 70's buzz and something that never floated my boat before ...but now does is...camel.  i kinda like it OTT though so en mass basically!  could i pull it off (well thats debatable) but while i decide lust out on these hot babes...

pics via le fashion

26 July, 2010

hola mis amigos

sharing with you some images from an inspiration folder based around mexico colours / locations / things.  it started when i crushed out on this aztec poncho here and since then i cant stop thinking about these patterns and colour combos.  dreary winter probably has a lot to do with it.  i might have to bet inspired to do some painting along these lines....

pics via google images


is that a turban on your head? nope i thought not its just a towel.

one for me and one for...me

so friendship bracelets are back with a bang, they are everywhere but they have come a long way since the smelly worn scabby things we made in primary school and handed out to everyone. my preference are for the 'obviously' more complicated versions, they include stripes / checkers / and african inspired design motifs.  

i'm also partial to the 'grown up' designer version which is sterling silver AND thread, it has a silver toggle so you aren't stuck wearing the thing permanently.  oh la la you can pick your own colour combos as well... image below and found here:

one up on the diy thread only version are beaded cuff bracelets - all following similar pattern aesthetics but using beads on either wire or thread, which is in turn wrapped around rings or cuff bases.  beauty of these you aren't messing around with a knot to join it, so its removable.  i quite like the version that is mounted on leather with the stud closure...nice!

there is of course the good ole safety pin and hat elastic bead bracelets which were once the rage, then quite daggy and  i think with the right colour combinations  these can once again be resurrected.

its pretty yuck here in wellies today so i think we are about to tackle one of these tutorials to put some colour into winter.  remember friendship bracelets were originally made to be given to FRIENDS, but since this doesnt happen anymore to anyone over the age of probably 10 - we should instead embrace our inner multiple personalities and give them to ourselves!

v pattern friendship tutorial here 
if you are crazy and have HOURS of spare time - alphabet tutorial here
basic stripe tutorial here
better yet and the ones im gonna try use a braiding loom, creating a TUBE (kinda like old finger knitting days) free patterns and tutorial here !!

images sourced from above links, or google images :-D

Happy braiding!

ahem nice...pants

no need to say much about this shoot. giorgio armani at its metrosexual best!  lovely shoot, lovely model, lovely TIGHT pants (lol), oh yeah did i say lovely model??? mmmmmmmnnn boys take note putting even a smidgen of this effort into what you wear and how you present yourself, would have the gurls swooning!!!

25 July, 2010

calling all artists/designers - support your local muso's!

Wordsby is a new t-shirt range published by Closet and features designs from some of New Zealand’s most talented designers, artists and illustrators. Curated by Kelvin Soh, Wordsby twists the classic band tee by shifting emphasis from the band to the song, and invites interesting mash ups, personal stories and surprising interpretations.
Closet will sell these t-shirts via their online store and through participating retailers.
So people should get designing AND support your local muso's!!  
If you choose a band listed on their website, make a preferred list of 3 lyrics you’d like to work with and email to both Kelvin and Dave to clear permissions with the musicians.  But chances are you know a few musos yourself so you could potentially pick lyrics from people you know who will be totally cool with you using it. That will make this process easier. All bands involved receive a usage royalty as well :-)
Check out the t's already in production at closet here or the criteria for entering here.  images below are from closet.

frances rose is AWESOME

Yay i had a little email from a lovely jewellery designer in Melbourne showing off some of her work.  frances rose is - quite simply AWESOME! designer Amy Gopperth (who just happens to share my amazing name) has just released a collection called digging for gold and it is worth checking out!  below are some pics she sent through herself but ive since been through to her WEBSITE and have fallen in love with the bracelet and pretty much all the charms as well!!  the mix of both sterling AND oxidised silver totally rocks my world and the unisex flavour of everything has a huge tick from me.  she is the girl to check out for all your dagger, pistol, horse shoe, pick axes and gold bar needs - with a selection of pendants that id happily wear every day!  i think im off to buy a lotto ticket this week, so if i win i can commission some 'dagger' and 'x marks the spot' earrings (ooohhh how cool would they look) and perhaps a dagger ring (??) and of course the bracelet and few a pendants too boot.  sheesh thats a wish list and a half huh!!

oh yeah this range also man friendly, unisex everything, plus tie pins and cuff links so go get something for that special man in your world!
pitol cuff-links / x marks the spot necklace / dagger tie pin/ pick-axe necklace / gold bullion tie-pin
available at frances rose is 

chopper read anyone

hahahaha a laugh for today...this came from love Maegan a la carte...the perfect accessory in a snobby suit packed office.

i take it back

i have a love hate relationship with miranda.  love her in undies as a victoria's secret model, pretty much hate her in anything else (newly hated even more for marrying orlando lol).  i pretty much thought she wasnt very versatile and  couldnt even model that well with only one look ..cue girl next door, boobs out, bum out...dimples sweet as pie (nasty me huh??).  well i take it back this is unreal she looks amazing, probably because she doesnt look at all like herself.  go miranda you hot thing you....
pics via fgr
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