25 July, 2010

calling all artists/designers - support your local muso's!

Wordsby is a new t-shirt range published by Closet and features designs from some of New Zealand’s most talented designers, artists and illustrators. Curated by Kelvin Soh, Wordsby twists the classic band tee by shifting emphasis from the band to the song, and invites interesting mash ups, personal stories and surprising interpretations.
Closet will sell these t-shirts via their online store and through participating retailers.
So people should get designing AND support your local muso's!!  
If you choose a band listed on their website, make a preferred list of 3 lyrics you’d like to work with and email to both Kelvin and Dave to clear permissions with the musicians.  But chances are you know a few musos yourself so you could potentially pick lyrics from people you know who will be totally cool with you using it. That will make this process easier. All bands involved receive a usage royalty as well :-)
Check out the t's already in production at closet here or the criteria for entering here.  images below are from closet.

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