23 July, 2010

not just another dress uh ahhh!

 ive been an avid follower of the uniform project for well over a year now.  the concept in short, wear ONE dress every single day - for an entire YEAR.  raising money towards the education of underprivileged children in India.  sheena is in my view a style queen.  through donations of accessories this woman rocked one dress (5 of them so they could be going through the wash once worn) in such a magnitude of ways it pretty much blows my mind. of course it helps that she designed the dress to perfection getting the most one can get out of one simple frock.  read more at the uniform project in regards to how it started and total funds raised (and still going!).  more importantly since seeing her little monthly snap shots of each day 'look' all i could think about is how much i wanted the dress.  alas i can sew and i can free style pattern cut rather crudely but to tackle this was waaaaaay over my head.  i needed to buy one or get the pattern.  VOILA after completing the mission clever sheena put both the DRESS and PATTERN up for sale!  (hit dress or pattern for direct shop link x) oh the sheer brilliance!  go get yourself one - wearing a uniform has never seemed so damn hot!  

below is a pic of the dress design (it has a removable collar and can be worn with the buttons at the front OR back and comes in plenty of sizes to fit everyone), and then look at some lovely sheena shots - randomly selected because, well, you should really just to to the site and ogle for an hour or two x

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  1. awesome, I bought the pattern and fabric today, can't wait


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