22 December, 2010

dark crystal

i have always had a thing for crystals and strangely don't really own many myself (??) they seem to be something i buy for others, in a time of need, or not, specifically for a reason.  for those who have no idea of crystal healing properties there are pages of info on trusty google, but never have i seen them used quite like this!  cast in bullet shells as pendants, moulded into knuckle duster rings with gold, and even carefully used in watch faces - these are really floating my fierce hippy within.  they even do a selection of earthen vials and you can carry part of the pacific around with you always, or fill one with your own special somethings.....check it out at UNEARTHEN - simply stunning!

17 December, 2010

road kill

its really not often i see something and my jaw literally drops to the floor.  last year for the races i "thought" i was being very uber clever and made myself a cage inspired hat (using recycled leather) complete with leather feathers.  it wasnt 'enough' and last minute i added a crow which was just a double sided silhouette really.  this year it appears i have to lift my game because that didnt even get close to as unbelievable as reid peppards TAXIDERMY head pieces and accessories.  jesus christ, reid is an unbelievable jeweller (and this post sadly is not about the jewellery - check the website for that) but more about how someone takes a creature, which has sadly lost its life and gives it a new one, to be adorned by its brave owner.  im talking REAL crow head pieces, REAL pigeon wing clips and head bands, there are even REAL fox clutches and REAL squirrel purses.  obviously this isn't for everyone, but heck ...its so for me!!!  i...want...one.....now!!!  look at my version (cough, cough - which is so sad now ive seen this) and then at reid's amazing accessories. sigh. 

me - not the best picture sorry.

jewellery is delivered in this amazing box - which you have to SMASH to get to the goodies inside...oh wow a wopping gold ring in that would really turn me on.

looks to be a pigeon (??) head piece....WOWIES so glam...

ahhh the CROW head piece worn masquerade ......i fizz looking at this

crow again...

article from the blog, yep that looks like a rat hat to me....

 a real CROW clutch...every dark girls dream....
the fox clutch...not one to bring out around the 4 year old perhaps..these come with emerald eyes and other lovely additions.... 
 a pigeon, found dead and delivered like most carcasses to reid to work some magic.

i had some serious issues access the website but check the blog here!

16 December, 2010

whimsical daydreams

today i noticed a recent cocorosa posting about new head piece she was gifted.  it looked kinda interesting so followed the link to OH!Nena .....wow....what a girl fest daydream that website is!!  i strongly suggest you check it out, the music is beautiful the photography is fantastic, while i don't care much for the models makeup, the models themselves look like little woodland fairies, oh the intro and the mist....sigh...... - oh yeah and the headpieces totally float my boat. i couldnt actually find a few things in their shop area but the website area has some fantastic stuff.  its set off some serious thinking about diy race day head wear...ooooohhhhhhhh how much fun could be had!  you too should go get lost for a while and just feast the senses with this delightful surprise: oh!nena

out with the re-useable shopper bag in with the scarf

totally rad, so easy to diy - huge square scarfs riveted at all corners....long chain hard wear that can clip on and off - chuck it round your neck and wear out in the cold, whip it off, change the chains around and hey presto turn it into a bag when you need one.  done.  love it.  pics say it all.  and UNISEX so i'm sold.

original images via outsapop - product by symmetry goods

tie me up before you go go

i thought kiwi designers were killing it with cage inspired bra-let designs until i saw these from nicole de carle in london.  omg.....the design aspect alone leaves everything else i've seen before - totally for dead!  while obviously there are numerous strapping details that are technically very much meant to look exciting when you aren't in anything else (lol) what really interests me is how these would look layered under sheer things, or even over....???  the bras would look sublime peeking out of anything cropped, low cut, low cut sides, or sheer (which is pretty much as much bra as one should ever show off) - or even layered over tight fitting t's /singlets (especially the corset designs) but the knickers would also look super dooper poking out the top of a low slung maxi skirt - thus making the most phenomenal WAIST line!!  not for the faint hearted im afraid - those not brave enough could always just prance around doing the house work in them? ;-p

yip and sadly NONE of us are gonna quite look like this in them either......but still....

the beauty of dust

possibly the most amazing photography series i've ever seen by Oliver Valsecci  (yip I agree with Queen Michelle).  words simply won't do this one justice - check it out.

original images via kingdom of style

06 December, 2010

lacy eyes

arrhhh sometimes i see something and it makes my eyes pop with excitement.  how sublimely easy would this diy be....LACE sunnies.  the trick of course is to make sure you buy second hand frames (you dont really want to stuff up your DnG's aye) -it would also help to get something oversized as per below....and then to make sure the lace you get is very intricate...that way you can actually carefully trim parts of the lace away to expose more glass.  oh man i want this so now!!

02 December, 2010

karl lagerfeld - pirelli calendar 2011


anyone else in love with this dress?? Yep - nah???  Probably just me.  something bout the screaming 70's that always gets me happy...oh yeah and probably cause its lovely and YELLOW.  

thank you  sea of shoes

kowtow goodness spread the news

i've been rocking a couple of new kowtow additions as the days are warming up. uggh they are just so super comfy its rediculous!!  personally i've thrashed my 'that dress'.....its a bit embarrassing to admit it but that dress went on the day after i got it, then went to the beach last week and then went out friday night to tiger translate - yeah and if your wondering... no it didnt get a wash in between because i couldn't  get it off long enough to chuck it in!  its just such a simple dress to wear - long deep v in the front, low under the arms and a shaped front hemline that is pretty easy to dress up.  cant wait to rock this with a floro boob cube underneath, that will be the next wear.

also personally loving my 'or skirt/top' - its way too warm to rock this as a long sleeve top yet but its been around town now as a skirt and while on the kowtow website its styled with the arms tied tied loosely around the front - i wore it high wasted tided tight with a knot at the back...gives the whole rear a bustle kind look / drapery which looks super cute with kicks or boots!  aboom

ive seen the new stuff coming out next year and cant wait for quite a few of their pieces.  check out their workroom sale happening 11th and 12th dec 10am - 4pm HUGE HUGE savings to be had.  its worth mentioning their print T's are killa too....got one for my boy and might have to get a few more.... spread the news....

29 November, 2010

romance was born oh yes it was!

wow i really did tear up a lil when i saw this collection - based around Chinese laundries, Japanese gardens, bowls of fruit - oh me oh my!!  Romance Was Born has created a cacophany of bright colours, sequins and pattern-on-pattern.  if i had to choose, my personal favs have to be the opium gown, opium blouse, shirt dress, everything in the orchid and basket prints (lol), peplum dress, lantern print jean and opera skirt.  oh yeah chuck in a sequin night shirt too.....not too big a list yeah?? i think i'm strangely into those crazy shoes too - or is that taking things a bit too far!?

courtesy always sometimes anytime
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