30 June, 2010

be your own hero

for some time now roller derby has been stuck in my mind.  probably because of it's huge come back.  probably because i LOVED my roller skates when i was little.  probably because it's all about hot chicks, smashing more hot chicks, in short shorts on roller skates!!??  i almost want to join if  a. i didn't bruise so easily and b. wasn't so scared of breaking a leg....my skates where white with red wheels and god i stuffed my feet in them waaaaay past them fitting comfortably ...sigh.  i wouldn't mind a black pair (fierce!!) or even a ..rainbow...(heh heh) pair.....
this is way cooler than celebrities on ice anyday..derby action is happening right here in wellie town 24th july! woop!

tassels are here everywhere

this is such a cute diy idea....tassel garlands to perk up any paaartaaay.  will get my diy on when i ever get a spare day...these put a smile all over my dial.
images courtesy confetti system

rain drops keep falling on my head

i keep looking at capes and keep wondering if i really want one.  i'm torn because i've seen the perfect poncho/cape in a street PICTURE so it doesn't really exist in my world.  the logic in me says get something like this.  RAIN COAT CAPE by topshop.  clear. plastic. rain proof...just like my brolly which has gone awol at the moment.

get me some kicks

i saw pictures of these the other day (week) and now can't find the image of the guy AND gurl in this jacket. it's amazing.  adidas has turned matador..all sequins and embroidery and tassles.  even better they are unisex so if your lucky and your guys is the same size (yeah right) you can share :-)  i see me in a black one even though i love the idea of pink...also secretly crushing on those kicks too!!!!

images courtesy http://hypebeast.com/

25 June, 2010

pppppppendant lamps

ARGGHHH i want one........fill it with your own little anythings....love!

chen karlsson are a genius

location location

nz is beautiful but doesn't quite have this type of scenery....i can't say enough about this location just look at it??  crushing out on styling too.

Images courtesy fashion canvas

24 June, 2010

how bizaare

this victorian themed emporium is so clever.  its a modern take on victorian themed prints / booklets / pillowcases / gift card sets and even soaps.  the prints particularly rock my world...so quirky and fun..i just need a library or parlor to hang them in?


gorgie georgia

how stunning is georgia jagger...after lusting after tooth gap last week - this has sealed it for me.  gimmie back my gap!  second pic has to be my fav, check out those killer heels.  makes me wanna run out and get green (!!) tights - there aint one bit of kermit or santa elf in that shot! ah such a bellissimo babe x
photos courtesy fgr

rock jewels

wow these are amazing.  loving the snow globe cuff featuring a unique stone, and check out that rock of a ring!

images courtesy opening ceremony

motivate me

some old stuff of mine i've dug out and slammed on the walls to motivate me...it helps to just look at stuff when im trying to get creative ;-/

22 June, 2010

secret (mid winter) santa's

if any of these mysteriously turn up in a secret mid winter's santa parcel for me....i'd so be ok with that.

or their lace bodysuit, or cathedral leggings for that matter....bring it.

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