30 March, 2011

when i grow up i want to be..

iris apfel reminds me of my grandmother who was a petite lady who wore 'big' jewellery,  owned a magnificent personality and a huge heart - she is still my idol to this day!  the only difference, iris, tends to have a more outgoing dress sense...and wears glasses lol.

"Today I fell in love with an icon of utter inspiration.  
I've found a muse for courageous design, witty and exuberantly idiosyncratic personal style.  
She's the Rare Bird of Fashion, ... a women who shows that in order to express true style with remarkable panache, we should never be scared to dare, be ashamed to live, to express and combine what our "gut" tells us is right

 ...  for life is short and style is eternal" - Living in Modern Fashion

if you are wanting some iris inspired styling - this is how to wear it!

images via google / glamourai

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