08 March, 2011

latest lustings...

i've been watching the ear cuff trend for ages now, and still believe if you're not in a position to diy yourself something of this nature then Style Hurricane is the place to be buying your own piece of ear cuffing goodness.  the way the feathers get caught up the wind and hair is really whimsical and peaceful to look at.  i got my own earring variation made especially for me as a surprise for Christmas by the clever Claire at Madame Fancy Pants (pic to be loaded soon...)  i've also been seriously lusting after a 'behind the ear' tattoo for ages now.  i haven't been able to really pin point what i want there though until now....and i'm swaying to the feathers for this one too.  the beauty of a behind the ear tattoo is you don't have to show the thing off all the time.  hair down or even behind your ears can mostly cover a tattoo in this area depending on how big it is.  of course i'd design it myself and would most definitely use colour as opposed to just black, and i'd personally be designing something far far more delicate than any images i could find on the internet.
images via Style Hurricane

images via google give an indication but are not nearly delicate enough for my liking!

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