30 March, 2011

curvy is not fat!!! - read the words people!

we now live in a world where everything is so damn PC that people are slaughtered the minute they have an opinion - on nearly everything.  how to best describe fashion, figures, sizes and people shapes is now something nearly impossible.  how can a style icon, who oozes charm and sophistication, come to be slandered for a REAL observation of the fashion/blogging world we now live in?? what hope is there for the rest of us to even 'go there'  if even he gets a backlash for it?  

the satorialist who we love, and will continue to love, was backlashed by hundreds the other day for posting these two images of the same (but new blogger) girl, and referred to her as bigger and curvier than most fashion bloggers already out there.  i am sorry people, but read his WORDS - this is absolutely true!  and i might add he delivered the observation in an honest, real and sensitive way by going on to say how well dressed she was - and praised her balance with her proportions.  bigger does not mean FAT and curvier does not relate to a weight - simply a body SHAPE.  i myself am a curvy girl, i'm not fat but yes baby i have a booty and some boobs!  hell what is the world coming too? some people need to get over their own body type insecurities and get a hobby.

read more here for the post itself: the satorialist

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