15 March, 2011

clunking down memory lane

the 90's shoe revival has hit me hard and hit me in a good way.  i can't get enough of chunky and clunky soles and heels - the more platform the better.  for me.. the ultimate way to wear a pair of these babies is with black mid lengh socks and a midi skirt (if it were camel suede even better!!), or with a sheer maxi dress / skirt and crazy tights.  the key thing to look out for is to make sure the heel is thick, square or possibly fluted at the bottom,  make sure you stick to either a mary-jane design or if you go strappy - make sure they are THICK straps, and a killer platform is mandatory.   

if you can't quite rock the black grunge look, but still want to get your clunky on, go for something in print or a stripe - in bold colour choices to keep you skipping all through winter!!!

all of the above look great paired with clashing socks and tights, or both!

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