22 March, 2011

what a concept! do your bit!

"The Free Store is a team of people committed to the reduction of consumable surplus through intervention and reallocation. The Free Store is a universal social service, recognising that food is a basic human right, regardless of need or socioeconomic status. The Free Store is an expression of creativity and seeks to nurture creativity"
The Free Store is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to redistribute perfectly edible surplus food to those who self-determine themselves as being in need.

The main premise of The Free Store lies in its redistribution of surplus food that would otherwise be wasted. The Free Store will build on the success of Kim Paton’s Free Store art project that was established for two-weeks in June, 2010 - and will extend it to become a long term, sustainable strategy for supplying surplus food to those in need. 

The Free Store aims to operate at minimum cost by utilising volunteers, acquiring donated food and obtaining free leases where able. However, there are inevitable operational costs that The Free Store will incur. The Free Store will initially operate under the umbrella of Zeal Education Trust for financial support until it is able to manage its expenses independently.

The Free Store can begin redistributing food immediately as it has a readily committed volunteer base, and has an established relationship with providers ready to supply surplus food. The immediate goal of The Free Store is to acquire a donated retail space from which to operate from. The Free Store has access to a physical store infrastructure that can be readily set up, dismantled and transferred between retail spaces at short notice if need be.

If you want to do your bit - volunteer's are needed:  thefreestore.wellington@gmail.com

Currently located Left Bank Arcade, Cuba St. Tue-Sat (5:30-7pm), Wellington


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