01 September, 2010

jumping the gun

this happens every year to me...spring hits for a 'day' or heck just a few hours even and i  jump head first into summertime day dreaming!!  its not like i dont 'like' spring its just i hate being cold and spring = unpredictable weather which can leave me stranded and freezing cold :-/  why cant i just enjoy being in the now?  because for me spring is always for me so average thats why. full of kinda sunny days that then can turn nasty, sometimes we are still skiing right up until xmas (!!?!??!?!)  i wish our seasons were just really 'obvious' like other parts of the world.  the only bonus for me are the blossoms (which lasted a day before rain took their goodness away).  so spring go take a leap, i'll have my winter run straight into summer and until then i shall be lusting over brights and tangerine eye shadow and surf boards..

images courtesy fgr

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