03 September, 2010

if i could do one thing before i die...

ive been wanting a tattoo for a loooooonnnng time.  the problem being im really (eek) fussy and i want it done right.  like EXACTLY how it appears in my head. i actually can translate this from my head onto paper the problem is..well it looks like a painting.  about now, people probably think yeah well we all want our tattoos to look like that duh (??) but im talking a painting that has brush strokes and blends of colour that you only find with WET PAINT.  five years has ticked by with me still lusting silently and wanting and i have finally found THE ARTIST TO DO IT. small issue she lives in NYC ..hey sweet as i guess im booking a holiday.

ive been through her site but found a few of these just via google.  i canNOT believe her work looks like paint!! paint that is just on you..either splattered or painted on with a brush...you know the kind that washes off???  if you think im crazy just have a close close look, this woman has so many skills she is off the freaken richter scale!   

words cant really explain how i feel about this post. i want this so bad it brings tears.  maybe it might for you too...or maybe you will be like so what??  check it:

ps the image that clinched it for me is the last one.  myself? well im after a half sleeve of peony flowers tattooed 'degas' styles (but not colours).... by this chick.  not asking for much huh?

if  you aren't familiar with 'degas' below would be some of his works..ah just sublime xx

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