25 September, 2010

bad ass fairies

Oh wow,  dont these ladies look like some bad ass'd fairies who have raided a box of frida kahlo mexican loveliness???  i really  really really want to be part of this dress up party.  this is the work of meaham kirchhoff spring 2011 - and since we are now hitting spring (kinda) we should be channelling a little bit of this into our days.  i'm really loving the fresh take on colour clashing and bold prints/patterns and super socks.  while a toned down version is probably more the key for real world wearability...i think id stand and salute someone walking down the street dressed like this!  Its a little bit fairy punk -  I can watch and weep can't I??  


courtesy vogue.com


  1. What an amazing line! Who is the designer? I love it! Just discovered your blog, it's terrific.

  2. Hey Leslie thanks so much!!! Have a lookie online at http://www.meadhamkirchhoff.com/ - I saw this collection just by chance on vogue.com. Thanks for lovely comments, do share my blog I haven't really launched it as such but will do soon :-) x


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