04 August, 2010

watch and weep

after much following i finally went to my first roller derby bout the other week .....wow it was so friggen cool!!!! it started fashionably late ( due to the huge numbers that showed up for it), ran out of alcohol (because of the lushes in the audience heh heh) but boy oh boy was it worth it.  since then ive spoken about it to a number of people and the consensus is 'who the heck WOULDN'T want to see a bunch of girls in hotpants, on roller skates - push each other around'??  yeah exactly = universal appeal right there peops! anyway enough said, im joining - first little skate session due this saturday to see if i can still even stand up on the things....then watch this space!!

multiple images for your viewing pleasure, images dont really cut the mustard in regards to getting the 'atmosphere' of the bout - go check one out yourself!

images courtesy L-C-P

1 comment:

  1. awesome - nice photos - hope you were supporting the brutal pageant win. good luck with your skates sessions


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