18 August, 2010

slick or sick

Well i debated about this one myself quite a bit -  you probably either love it or absolutely hate it.  but im not so sure it has to be either.  this editorial is everywhere with huge debate as to its appropriateness   it's been deemed wasteful and hypocritical, with thousands of dollars of luxury clothing being flown in, and promptly ruined for a SHOOT.

So is this a glamorisation of a very recent ecological and social disaster just for the sake of FASHION?? in turn reducing the tragic event to just attention-grabbing money making news stand material? or is it simply fashion having its say and protesting against that world we live in?

i dunno. i kinda sway towards an art stance and have been reading up on artists who similarly protest the oil spills by also smearing models also in oil.  so how far off is an editorial from this? well in my view not that far at all!!!  an editorial to me IS a form of art and those editorials or artworks that can communicate a message to you (regardless of taste) are speaking out their right to do just that.  so as far as art is concerned any publicity is considered good publicity.

yes i see the waste and  yes it evokes heartfelt emotions to me rather than just promoting consumerism. its fashion that calls for a dialogue and its designed to get people talking.  i guess by just googling 'vogue italia oil and water' shows you if that was the mission then it's probably been accomplished.  

have a look and decide for yourself!

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