25 August, 2010

how messed up can we get

what can i say.  our buddy felix is one of our staples.  he's right there when when we are in different countries and feel the urge to 'connect' (lol), still standing strong when we need a midday boogie in the lounge, playing hard when we break out an impromptu sunglasses party, sometimes sifting in person at our favourite bars, dj'ing away while i drink myself senseless, there to crackbook stalk..well... whenever (??) and an all round gc!!  one flick of the itunes and he's made me forget tonight i just lost all my cruddy notes and have to start again, basically he always is  guaranteed to put a smile on our dials....i suggest you do as we did and go pillage all his playlists....he will keep you going strong for hours xx

ps catch the man live Saturdays 4-7 89fm

pps oh yeah he's also learning some photoshop......bless!! ;-)

1 comment:

  1. blushing lots right about now :-)


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