23 May, 2010

your 'clogness'

i have been holding certain reservations on the clog phenom mainly because i was a proud owner of a pair in my awkward years...are they cool, or are they just quite ridiculous?

the verdict for me: yessss cool BUT ONLY in a high heeled towering platform. i cannot bring myself to do a flat version - especially without any slingback (how are they expected to stay on with tights and socks???)

the cream/s of the bunch are Su-Shi Clogs, all handmade and hand tooled...devine!

images courtesy cocorosa

this miu miu clog comes in nude, brown and black -the shape is amazing and ohhhh so flattering.

but with winter well and truly here i would beg, steal and well beg for either of these..but they do fall more into the booty category ...if you ask me..

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