20 May, 2010

shearling madness

shearling has been back for a bit now.  the new IT shearling is cropped with an ott collar that isn't for the faint hearted!!  if i had the bank balance for it id definitely buy new BUT i don't.  sh*tz.  so i brought second hand (recycle recycle) and am bringing it into twenty ten. for me the uber coller version looks better short up around the waist, but it gets bloody cold here and i'm after a bit of a bum warmer too!  a slightly longer length means the focus will still be in the collar but while the overall look is toned down it comes down to the 'shape' baby 'shape'.

so i brought this the other day for a whopping $20bucks

and the collar is gonna get cut n shaved like this.  i'll prob also reduce or remove the cuff as well.  bingo!

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