26 May, 2010

bucking the trends

i stumbled across this quite by accident and then was completely amazed and ...then slightly amused! PEOW!!  this designer rocks with these antler coat hangers..perfect for your average hunter who likes to road bike maybe...?  i'm also completely digging the real handle bars...wowie they are hand carved from real wood.

then i cruised through the rest of his stuff (ha ha get it??) and realised this guy is trying to bring smoking back lol. there is the pocket lighter which lights when you open the 'pouch' and gives you protection from that gale force wind we love here in Wellies.  aahh BRILLIANT. i do however find it a bit ...ugly. shhhhh

then he decided to re-create the posh-ness of post war for smokers with POSH smokers spots.
...i wonder if he made them 'barf' proof..us kiwi's tend to litter regular smoking spots during every hard weekend..ok so that's every single weekend. lol enjoy.

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