04 May, 2011

crop crop crop

well the skinny jean is on the out and we all know flares are on the come back - but they aren't for the faint hearted.  my biggest issue with flares is they need to be LONG like really long and worn with huge heels...and for us hitting winter it means you get that whole pants dragging in the wet thang.  i still remember too clearly getting my fav lee flares wet and the water soaking up to the knee.  YES knee's...omg its not a good look??  so meanwhile while i still ponder that one for summer i'm crushing out instead out on the crop pant.  indeed its that length that has been so dismissed for shortening legs (waaa waaa waaaa) and its all i can think about!  they are the perfect length to wear with socks and i shall be doing this one all through winter baby.  quite a few pairs of pants are going under the diy chop!

images via google and bjones

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