19 May, 2011

american girls in paris in the 60's

wooaaahhhh it's not every day i see an international collection and am completely floored by how good it looks.  sometimes i dont bother even looking at a lot of them - talk about fashion overload!!  chris benz ss11 is an exception.  one glance (at one divine aquatic floral print wedge, see image 1) and i was searching as quick as possible for the rest of the collection.  i'm gob smacked. stunned.  stuck for words even.  all i can say is i love it all. wide leg pants, fantastic prints, tan, teal, yellow, orange, cute knits, killer shoes, basically everything i wish i could own right now.  did i mention killer shoes??? check out my personal fav in the first pic...they only retail for about $1000.00NZD (gape!!)

note:  he was inspired by 'american girls in paris in the 60's' ..oh how i want to be one of them!!

images via google

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