16 December, 2010

whimsical daydreams

today i noticed a recent cocorosa posting about new head piece she was gifted.  it looked kinda interesting so followed the link to OH!Nena .....wow....what a girl fest daydream that website is!!  i strongly suggest you check it out, the music is beautiful the photography is fantastic, while i don't care much for the models makeup, the models themselves look like little woodland fairies, oh the intro and the mist....sigh...... - oh yeah and the headpieces totally float my boat. i couldnt actually find a few things in their shop area but the website area has some fantastic stuff.  its set off some serious thinking about diy race day head wear...ooooohhhhhhhh how much fun could be had!  you too should go get lost for a while and just feast the senses with this delightful surprise: oh!nena

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