16 December, 2010

tie me up before you go go

i thought kiwi designers were killing it with cage inspired bra-let designs until i saw these from nicole de carle in london.  omg.....the design aspect alone leaves everything else i've seen before - totally for dead!  while obviously there are numerous strapping details that are technically very much meant to look exciting when you aren't in anything else (lol) what really interests me is how these would look layered under sheer things, or even over....???  the bras would look sublime peeking out of anything cropped, low cut, low cut sides, or sheer (which is pretty much as much bra as one should ever show off) - or even layered over tight fitting t's /singlets (especially the corset designs) but the knickers would also look super dooper poking out the top of a low slung maxi skirt - thus making the most phenomenal WAIST line!!  not for the faint hearted im afraid - those not brave enough could always just prance around doing the house work in them? ;-p

yip and sadly NONE of us are gonna quite look like this in them either......but still....

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