23 January, 2011

lips for your eyes only

i've often lusted over the dark goth lip look but know just how damn hard it is to not to just pull it off, but make it stay put!!  eating your lips off never looks hot and its worse still when your wearing a mega dark lippie.  but unlike most who tend to put this together with a fair and no-tan complexion i think id better suit it with a tan (??) - which i now have.  thank god love asthetics came along and shared her wicked tips to get the matt black look.  she uses, wait for it...EYE LINER and just a smidge of lip balm to keep it all flexi.  it stays put and doesn't bleed.  hear that ladies!!??  so while i might not smash a matt black i really want to smash a matt purple or burgundy.  whoever claimed those colours are for winter only is full if sh*t. 

1 comment:

  1. This looks good! I used to use eyeliner and balm on my lips back in my goth days, because the shops where I lived didn't stock any lipstick darker than burgundy :/ it stays put for ages!


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