15 October, 2010

my kinda granny panty

just when the creative urge is really lacking something like this pops up online and i run like mad for my sharpies.  if anyone ever thought sharpies were dumb think again.  this lovely lass hand draws on vintage undies, corsets and slips and SHIZZLE the results are amazing?? never has the granny panty looked so damn original and kewl!!!  am i the only one totally in love with this?  the knickers are just too fine to be worn under something - and i cant stop thinking of the possibilities when armed with my 40 odd collection of pens, the goodness that could be made.  right now im suddenly on the hunt for a suitable bra-let that i can let leash on in this vein...ill be hoping for a slightly more gangster image but still with some beautiful detailing.  oh yeah she makes these crazy old skool pocket bikini's - so clever <3

  check out all the glories on http://www.etsy.com/shop/SlipperySlopeBloomer

1 comment:

  1. Those are beautiful pieces!
    Nice blog.
    Oh! Nena.
    Love from Venezuela.


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