15 June, 2010

old lady lace no more

this has to be one of the BEST diy improvement i've seen in a long time.  the end result is a lace dress waaaaayyy cooler than the bodycon versions out there everywhere.....arrghhhhh i want this now!

queen michelle (my idol) took one op shop score (which she wore granny style anyway - not my cuppa tea but hey...)

and turned it into THIS!!!

note she's shortened it qutie a bit, and simply cut out around the flowers and foliage to create an uneven hem....ah the brilliance!! it doesn't hurt that she found the perfect 70's style dress complete with puffy sleeves and elastic waist to begin with!!  

she topped it off with the perfect head piece which i swore was le tour de force (my inspiration for this years race day hat - blog to follow) and i was right.  damn this queen is fine!

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